The Princess Paint Trials GameJam Submission

Heres my game jam submission for the week 88 Weekly Game Jam. It was an interesting little project, and I definitely tried to make the game alive with sound, and different game effects.

I learned that sound in a game is extremely important, especially for the experience that you’re trying to convey. Ask yourself what experiences do you want your players to have? Do you want the player to feel fear, anxiety, happiness, anger or joy? How can sound and music help in this effect? Even though sound is an important part of a game, its still only a small part of the whole experience that a game delivers. You also have the appearance and the type of art that the game uses, the color palette, the game mechanics of the game, the interaction between your character and the world, and many more items. How do you want your game to be experienced by players?

REx The Chicken Game Jam Submission

Made this small prototype for Weekly Game Jam 84 . The top things I wanted to incorporate into this game were procedurally created maps, a character weapon inventory, and creating a simple enemy ai. In future videos I’ll be going over how to create top down shooters like this, as well as going over different types of procedural dungeon and map generation. Play REx The Chicken below!